I am working on another website that will have some other ways to help you enjoy your life. “dancinginthelight.com”

Try this quick, easy, energy self-fix to lift your feelings;

Knowing that all is made of energy particle and that these particles respond to mind take a few minutes to – relax body muscles – smile ever so lightly – feel inside the sensations of life (hot, cold, twinkling, vibrating, moving, whatever is fine.) and know you can increase the brightness and shining of yourself from the inside out. With each breath increase the intensity of the inner light. Stay with it a bit. Repeat it often. THEN let it flow out of you to enlighten the world around you, blessing all and everything with your presence. Wear something to remind you to do it in all sorts of situations. Remember the slight smile. It can be your beloved companion. You are a beloved child of the universe.

and check the resources page for links to many wisdom teachers.