Do sit peacefully and listening to one of the guided practices mentioned below. It will give you a taste of the flavour of equanimity. On this page you can find the doorways to peace of mind, acceptance of life as it is, inner happiness and much, much more.

Shinzen Young;  
A 25 min body relaxation guided meditation.
Shinzen’s youtube channel, “expandcontract.”

PDF on Equanimity – worth a read.

Joh Kabat-Zinn, the leading medical researcher into mindfulness.
alive this moment
befriend your body
healing power of mindfulness
interview covers many basics- recommended.

Jack Kornfield, a leading Buddhist teacher in America.
The work of forgiveness.
forgiveness, talk and meditation, 60min.
The magic of creation.
part one the awakened heart, 11 min.
part two the awakened heart, 8 min.

Adyashanti is another teacher you might enjoy.
He has a vast amount of material on his web site.
He has lots of articles, this one is on “truth”
Also many insightful talks, click here to listen.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of “the Power of Now”. Great youtube videos. He is a pure pleasure to watch and listen to.
A 5 min. video, Being Yourself,
A wonderful 30 min talk by Eckhart, Listen now

Anthony De Mello, Seldom has anyone taught sanity with clearer words.
“Youtube videos”.
Some talks with lovely nature videos
you can get a free PDF copy of his book Awareness here

A good reminder.

It all happens in your head.
Nice guided 40 min. meditation.

Pema Chodron is a gentle and supportive teacher. She has many books that can be a great help through difficult times in life. She is a teacher with the Shambhala Buddhist Liniage. Here is a link to their magazine and some of her articles,
the Shambhala Sun. If you wish a woman teacher Pema is one of the most respected in North America.
Shambhala is a very large community of lay practitioners across North America. They have a structured series of teachings by excellent teachers. If you feel you would like to belong to a community this may be a very viable route for you to follow.

Ramana Maharshi, a very respected teacher.
The Look of Love and Grace

Rupert Spira, Gentle teacher of awareness. 
His youtube videos

Nisargadatta Maharaj, another teacher of the ancient Indian wisdom.
Talks about the one self

Meditation a way to prevent despair about our world.
David Suzuki & Thich Nhat Hanh
Being peaceful with it all right now.

A good exercise video, 1/2 hr Chi Gong
A reason to pay attention to what you eat, Amazing dietary healing video
Details about sitting posture, Posture Checklist

Loving Kindness “Metta” guided meditations.
22 Min, Metta
12 Min, Metta

Guided meditations using body awareness,
45 min.
10 min.

If you are having trouble getting through issues in your life, you might like to check out Byron Katie. This clear minded woman leads people very quickly through blind spots in their relationships to others. She embraces life in its entirety. Here you can get a PDF download of booklet which is taken from her book. ‘Loving What Is’. Booklet..
Her web site has many great instructive videos of her work.Byron Katie’s Website

I sometimes use this video to lift my mood.
The sun shines on everyone.

Another video to lift your spirits.
The Gratitude dance.

Do you have some favorites that others might like to see? Let me know. I can post them here.