Link to Lesson 1

Here you are given instructions on meditating on body relaxation. This is a simple and pleasant introduction to creating a quiet inner space allowing your body and mind the calm time needed to increase your inner balance and harmony.

At the bottom of the page find a link to using no technique at all. Some find this is the way they wish to go.

Any or all of these approaches are viable. Follow your own instinct. It is quite all right to explore and experiment with any or all of it.

Do give yourself at least 10 minutes a day.

There are many retreats available to deepen your practice. Historically it has been part of every religion under various names and methods. It has many names common ones are; mindfulness meditation, vipassana meditation, insight meditation. 

A retreat at least once a year is a a great gift to yourself.  I want you to feel comfortable with any teacher and any technique. They are all valuable. There are many paths leading to the mountain top. Enjoy the view. There is value to holding to one technique as it becomes a natural and instinctive part of your everyday life.

Link to Lesson 2

Here you are introduced to the next level to explore your sensory input. This brings understanding to how your thought forms and emotional feelings influence you, keeping you stuck in unnecessary suffering.

Give yourself some time with “Lesson 1” first. When you feel you have developed some degree of equanimity with the focus on your body’s pleasant relaxation sensations and feel you want more, then check out “Lesson 2”.