“Lydia is a retired nurse, and grandmother born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She has taught various systems of meditation, yoga, body work, and chi gong. Presently, she PROVIDES email support for your meditation practice, as a Meditation Coach”.

Meditation, why do it and how can it improve your life?

An ongoing practice builds this triple skill set.

1. Concentration: to focus on a subject you choose, then to increasingly develop the ability to hold that focus. Consider for a moment how that could help you in your life. Where would this ability assist you?

2. Sensory clarity: to have the ability to consider the details that make up your sensory perceptions. It is the ability to deconstruct your sensory input into component parts. These include your body feelings, your emotions, and your thoughts. This will give you a tool to help you respond with clear awareness to all situations in your life. Where could this be of benefit to you?

3. Equanimity: this is an inner quiet allowing you to be objective, and not be emotionally triggered by internal or external events. At the same time you participate in them with an ever deepening sense of fulfillment, avoiding confusion and distress. Could this be useful to you?

Your Practice

Your practice can be mainly pleasurable and enticing.

Body relaxation is one focus point for meditation. There are many, many methods used for meditation. Here are presented some simple and clear methods. As well, on the resource pages are links to sites of very respected teachers giving instructions, talks, and guided meditations.

Meditation practice does not conflict with any spiritual or religious beliefs. It is a distinct skill set, such as painting. The practice creates the base within for kindness to self and others. It develops deeper and deeper inner understanding, improving all aspects of life. Developing an understanding of emotional and physical pain, leads to a decrease in suffering and an increase in satisfaction.

meditation room

The stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold, blind us to the incredible magnificence of life. Meditation helps us slow down and see beyond our own craziness.

Meditation/yoga studio.