Welcome to the home of Free and Easy Meditation. You will discover you can easily learn to meditate. Meditating is, in fact, just being quiet with yourself…but really quiet. With meditation you will notice important things you have previously overlooked. The process is, with some interesting exceptions, very relaxing, pleasant and revitalizing.

This site features various teachers, all whom I love and respect. They have quite different approaches to meditation. You can learn from all of them. Follow your own sense of what is right for you.

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I do not usually write poetry, but one night I was awake, just lying in bed meditating. I felt enchanted with the sound of the rain outside and a love for everything. This poem is dedicated to you.

Dearly Beloved

Look and you will see your beloved everywhere
Self awareness reflected back from the eyes of all creatures
Divine reflections

The rain’s sound and freshness
The warmth and comfort of bed
The rest of aloneness

What intimacy, air and breath

We are suckled by gentle creation
Soothed by the rhythm of our breath

Rest in the large gentle hand of life
Beloved, brave child
Quiet, spacious center

Seeing, feeling
Touched, held and released
By mystery’s twinkling elusive presence.